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You could call it Cinderella grifting: the act of making yourself appear lovable enough, worthy enough of care and attention, to get the world to offer you a little kindness. It makes you greedy. It makes you bad.

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One day, she suddenly ends it and naturally, it destroys him, leaving him in a pool of despair. To collect himself and try to move on, he packs up and heads to Hawaii for a bit of fun, getting a room at a resort near the beach, only to find out that Sarah is also there … with her new boyfriend, rock star Aldous Snow Russell Brand. Thankfully, Peter befriends the adorable hotel concierge, Rachel Mila Kunis.

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Take Forgetting Sarah Marshall for example. Forgetting Sarah Marshall should give Segel the same kind of buzz, if nothing else because he appears fully nude in the film. It just so happens he is staying at the same resort occupied by Sarah and her new beau, a hyper-sexualized rock star named Aldous Snow Russell Brand.

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Struggling musician Peter Bretter Jason Segel sneaks up on his ex-girlfriend as she vacations in Hawaii with her new beau in "Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Three hot Hollywood blondes are sitting at a table across the bar patio at the Chateau Marmont hotel on the Sunset Strip. They are staring at Jason Segel, trying desperately to get his attention.

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Blindsided by their breakup and attempting to get over Sarah, Peter escapes to Hawaii only to find she is also vacationing there with her new boyfriend, rock star Aldous Snow Russell Brand. In an improbable set of circumstances, Peter is offered the most expensive suite in the hotel free of charge it is unoccupied as Rachel Mila Kunisthe front desk clerk, takes pity on him. Soon he is befriending fellow vacationer Darald Jack McBrayeralong with other hotel employees and flaky surf instructor Chuck Paul Rudd.

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As much as I'd love to go into an in-depth discussion on the intricacies of the comedy within Forgetting Sarah Marshallit's entirely unnecessary. It's a very funny film that follows the Judd Apatow formula to the core including with a running time of nearly two hours and delivers. While not the absolute funniest of Apatow's recent features, Sarah Marshall is still one of the better comedies to arrive this half of the year and that shows both the struggles of break ups and the brighter side on the other end.

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No Gone Girl -esque "is that it? It's a missions statement that, funny as a well-placed dick shot is, also means something. But it's not about whether or not he did experience a devastating breakup while in the nude, whether or not there is much autobiography to the film at all.

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Jason Segel's penis probably would not sell a lot of tickets all by itself. As wise men and women always point out, it's not the thing itself that matters, it's what you do with it. And what Segel does with it as star and writer of "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" is magnificent.

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And slowly her voice became like the teacher from Charlie Brown, you know, just wha-wha-wha, wha-wha-wha, while I was slowly constructing the scene in my mind. Segel didn't tell her about it as a "joke," but apparently she didn't find it very funny. She also sent out an email to family members warning them about the scene, but saying it was "essential to the plot. Judd Apatow confirmed that the photo Peter valiantly removes from the men's restroom was Photoshopped.


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