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Information is leaking that bouncing boobies are coming to the SLV2. Apparently the implementation would be different than in Phoenix and Imprudence, way different. Items will have physics.

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Jiggle Physics, also known as Soft-Body Physics, or sometimes Cloth Physics, is the art and science of simulating the behavior of non-rigid objects and materials in a computer. In this respect, it's a sister trope to Ragdoll Physicswhich deals with more rigid structures. The earliest uses of Jiggle Physics were not for simulating anatomy, but rather for hair and clothing.

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So I'll just put the bits up front: Linden Lab is going to be adding "avatar physics" to Viewer 2. Here's a peek. Avatar physics is already present in development builds of "SnowStorm," Linden Lab's main viewer development project, and should be reaching everyday avatars fairly soon.

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Open source advocates are pointing to the newest feature of the Emerald Life viewer as proof positive that open source software makes life better for everyone. While this might not be exactly what M Linden has in mind for his Immersive Workspaces vision of Second Life, the rank and file players seem more than willing to make the move - as Toxic Menges demonstrates. Bewbies from Toxic Menges on Vimeo. I looked very closely but could see only a small amount of jiggle.

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The Herald continues our Avatar of the Year award ceremonies by naming the avatars that had the second greatest impact — for better or worse — on the metaverse: the Emerald Viewer development team. Despite concerns voiced in some quarters about the reputation of certain Emerald developers, and the possibility that clients derived from the Emerald codebase could be used to create copybot clients, the Herald noted widespread adoption of the Emerald viewer — particularly among experienced players. While the Lab clearly hopes to regain control of the user experience from the Emerald team, the ultimate outcome of the viewer popularity contest is unclear.

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Asked by MzLiv. For some reason after recently updating the Firestorm Viewer to the newest. Now whenever I wear breast physics, it deforms one of the breasts to bigger.

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The latest Second Life Development Viewer has avatar physics enabled!! You can follow the tutorial on NWN to create your own physics layer, or grab a copy of mine and just wear. For a lil bounce, set it to 25 and for max bounce, set it to 65 or higher.

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Post a Comment. Friday, October 19, Discovery Of Physics. Although i have been using SecondLife for a few years.

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It all started with allegations that developers of the popular Emerald Second Life viewer reportedly used by 1 out of 3 Second Life users and accounts for half of all user hours engaged in denial of service attacks against rival developers. The accusations came over the Second Life Universe forum and the Emerald dev Team seemingly corroborated the accusations saying:. The method for doing this was to add links to the Emerald log in page linked to said blog.

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A new version was released Wednesday. The 1. Greenlife Emerald Downloads Emerald Impostures Warning: [Emerald] Imposters!


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